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Who we are:

Moab yoga on the rocks has the goal to facilitate retreats that reconnect the human spirit to the earth. Our life force or Prana is literally the breath or the wind of nature. We strive to bring a lifestyle that inspires community, connection to earth, abundance in anyway that inspires you and over all individual beauty. We feel that the desert is place that holds an energy that is so healing, transforming and powerful. We hope to share this amazing space and help you on your path whatever that may be.
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Elisabeth T. Lilja

I am a Utah local born and raised and so proud of it! The beauty that has been offered to me by living in Utah is something that I could never part with! Growing up in Utah hiking, backpacking, rafting and camping on so many levels slowly brought me to awareness of my natural surrounding. This led me to think about deeper awareness directing me towards philosophy in college. After my second year of college I decided that in some way I wasn't fulfilled, this wasn't my path. It took a year of not really knowing what I wanted then, it was suddenly clear…yoga. I discovered yoga when I was 17. Battling an eating disorder. Yoga helped me not only find a sense of self but a part of my soul. Immediately attracted to the power of yoga, I finished my 600 hour certification with Dana Baptiste in 2006, and have gone onto study with Maty Ezraty,Anna Forest, Rolf Gates, Brain Kest and many other amazing instructors. In 2007 I started MOAB YOGA on the ROCKS, with my amazing friend and business partner Mic, with the goal of connecting people to nature, the desert and self.

I currently teach full time in Salt Lake City and Park City Utah. In addition to teaching at Park City Yoga and En Route Movement.  My passion is to prove that everyone can incorporate yoga into their lifestyle. My teaching focuses on empowering women and athletes to dive deeper into their true ability and power. In this process people find the amazing beauty that encompasses who they are, and in finding that acceptance of body and breath.

I believe that we have this connection to nature that we so readily dismiss. What I hope to teach on our retreats is a reconnect with nature and all it has to offer, because when it comes down to it, we are mother earth and mother earth is us.

I look forward to all the beauty that is to come my way.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
                                                                                ~ Anis Nin

Much love:


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Mickey Vandeventer

I have been living in and loving Utah for the past 13 yrs. Being born in the desert, it's beauty from the twisted rugged landscape , the delicate yet tenacious flowers and plants has always been my sanctuary.

My joy in life is in service, however I am called. This is my yoga! Being a massage teacher has taught me to embrace uniqueness and explore life. For it is our perceived weaknesses not our strengths that make us into the people we are. I have learning/memory challenges, identified at a young age my mother brought me to a meditation teacher. As an adult today, meditation is my ground and my path. There is no one path or one teacher. We are continually evolving. Life is the art of becoming, not the science of doing.

" May your hearts be filled with gratitude, for this precious life that we have the Opportunity to Share with One another."


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