How much will I be hiking?

If you are on the backpacking retreat expect to be hiking in anywhere from 5 to 10 miles after that about 2 to 3 hours a day of collective hiking.
If you are on the base camp retreat this will be little hiking.
If you are on the workshop retreat hiking is optional.

How strenuous will the retreats be?

The backpacking retreat is a hiking and yoga oriented retreat that will include a large amount of physical activity.
The base camp retreat is a yoga-oriented retreat with little hiking, mostly walking. This is still a physically active retreat.
The workshop retreats activity level will depend on who is teaching.

What if I don't practice yoga on a regular basis?

A retreat is best thing you can do! This will submerge you into a practice.

If I am an experienced practitioner will I be challenged?

Yes! We intend to challenge your practice by taking you out of your comfort zone, really looking at alignment in positions, challenging your lung capacity and so on... you have nothing to worry about.

Where is Moab Utah?

Moab Utah is in the southeastern section of Utah. It has an amazing unique geography of different sandstone layers. Surrounded by national parks (Arches and Canyon lands) Moab is both a surreal and energetically amazing place.

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